Why do we need theatre?

  • 19 / 10 16:00

In a world where xenophobia and nationalism are slowly taking hold and power is gained by populists who, under the guise of safety and security, build new authoritarian systems, cultural institutions become important defenders of freedom and civil liberties. One question remains – what should be the tasks of cultural institutions in the world where freedom of creation is endangered – and it will be the starting point to our debate.

Guests: Matthias Lilienthal (Münchner Kammerspiele), Selma Spahić (International Theatre Festival MESS), Wouter van Ransbeek (Toneelgroep Amsterdam), Jens Hillje (Gorki Theater), Goran Injac (Mljadinsko Theatre), Rachel Brumana

Moderated by: Edwin Bendyk (newspaper „Polityka”)