How to become a volunteer of the 9th International Theatre Festival DIALOG – Wrocław?

Step 1: fill in the entry form until the 30th of August.

Entry form you can find here:

To complete the form, you need to create an account in your system. It is also necessary to attach a file with a photograph which will allow to identify you.

Step 2: come to the interview. This is an important step which will allow to verify information and discuss the details of the possible cooperation. During the meeting we will give you an essential handful of knowledge concerning the Festival, answer your questions and attempt to resolve any doubts.

Step 3: decision to invite you to cooperation. We will consider all applications and make a decision to accept selected candidates to the voluntary team. Filling in and sending the application is not equivalent to being accepted to the voluntary service. The information about the final list of volunteers will be sent out by e-mail upon completing the interviews stage.

How does the volunteer’s work during the Festival look?

During the Festival volunteers will be divided into task groups working in selected fields. We will do everything to make every volunteer satisfied with being a part of our team. If possible, we will try to assign volunteers to sections according to the declared preferences, availability, experience, and interests.

We invite you to be a part of:

  • THE PRESS OFFICE (assisting guests, contacting with the media, writing reports from the particular days of the Festival),
  • THE FESTIVAL OFFICE (festival guest service, giving out invitations and ID badges, giving out promotional materials),
  • GUEST TRANSPORT (assistance with the festival guest transport from the airport and the railway station to hotels and the Theatre),
  • FOREIGN GUESTS CARE (giving information about the Festival, showing round the most significant places in Wrocław),
  • AUDIENCE SERVICE (assistance with the audience service in places where spectacles are given).

When does the volunteer’s work begin and end?Time of the volunteer’s work is strictly bound to the functioning of the section they were assigned to. You will be informed about the exact dates and hours of your work by the attendants of the particular sections.

What do we guarantee our volunteers?

  • Initial meetings and training courses preparing for the cooperation,
  • ID badge authorizing the free entrance to spectacles taking place during the Festival,
  • Certificate of the voluntary work,
  • Positive emotions and unforgettable memories.

What else should you know?

  • This is a voluntary work for the 9th International Theatre Festival DIALOG – Wrocław,
  • Persons under age who want to be volunteers are obliged to deliver the approval of their parents/guardians,
  • The work will be performed by a volunteer according to the established schedule and under the guidance of the organizers’ supervisor,
  • A volunteer may participate in spectacles only in the free-of-work hours or on the grounds of the individual approval of the immediate supervisor,
  • The organizer does not cover the volunteer’s travel and accommodation costs in Wrocław,
  • The detailed conditions of the cooperation will be specified in the voluntary agreement,
  • The organizers reserve the right not to justify the decision of the refusal. The volunteer may not appeal against the decisions above.

While filling in the recruitment form every candidate is obliged to agree to the personal data processing for the recruitment purposes, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 08.29.1997 (Unified Text: Journal of Laws, No 133/97, item 883 with amendments). In the case of disagreement the application will not be considered.