Letter of solidarity from Maxim Gorki Theatre

To our dismay, we have learned that the Festival “Dialog” in Wrocław is endangered due to the sudden withdrawal of funds it had been promised.

The festival enjoys international renown as a platform for the exchange of contemporary artistic positions. The sudden withdrawal of financial funding by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage can only be interpreted as a politically motivated sanction.

We hereby protest formally against the attempt to curtail the festival directorate’s artistic freedom by way of economic censorship. The festival’s name has always been a central guideline for the festival’s directors: DIALOGUE – in theatre and in life, this means the encounter of positions which may contradict each other. Dialogue is the prerequisite for a democratic society, for the freedom of art and the freedom of speech and opinion are prerequisites for social dialogue within democracies.

We hereby declare our solidarity with the artistic leadership of the festival and its artists, and we demand that the responsible politicians restore the financial means of the festival, whose outstanding leadership is renowned.

Shermin Langhoff // Artistic Director
Jens Hillje // Co-Artistic Director

Maxim Gorki Theatre