New issue of Polish Theatre Journal

We are delighted to announce the new (double) issue of Polish Theatre Journal # 3 (1-2/2017): Theatre and Democracy. Institutional Practices in Polish Theatre.

In the third issue of Polish Theatre Journal, PTJ examine institutional practices in Polish theatre in the context of political and social changes. Editors analyse conditions for freedom of artistic expression and of mechanisms of censorship; observe significant conflicts and struggles in theatre life, and scrutinize the entanglement of economic, political and aesthetic determinants. PTJ query the possibility of making theatre institutions into social laboratories in which cultural practices for the new democratic order can be developed.

What working environments function in Polish theatres?

What are the artistic and ideological limitations in Poland’s dominant model for theatre institutions?

Can theatre become a space for empowerment and cooperation, or is it just a highly specialized arts factory designed for artistic production?

What institutions do we need in times of crisis?


Polish Theatre Journal is an online academic journal in Polish and English that examines contemporary Polish theatre, dance and performance art along with their broad ramifications published by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute and the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw.

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