Terms and conditions “The Curse”

Terms and condition for participation in „The Curse” performance taking place in the Festival Centre IMPART 2016, Mazowiecka 17 street, on October 19th, 2017

The play is intended for adult audiences only. It contains scenes alluding to sexual behaviours and violence, as well to may refer to religious views and morals, which despite their satire character may be considered as a controversial. All scenes presented in the play are a reflection of the artist’s vision only.

Please read and understand the following terms and conditions as they are binding for all ticket purchases.

  1. Spectators are obligated to absolute respect this terms and condition.
  2. Terms and conditions included on this regulations are compulsory within the area of the Festival Centre IMPART 2016, Mazowiecka 17 street.
  3. Door opens at 7:30 PM.
  4. Before the entrance, all the spectators will be verified because of the safety reasons by professional security service.
  5. Admission to the show is possible only by showing a valid ticket.
  6. Spectators who will be late, won’t be allowed to entrance the building. People who will be late and won’t be allowed to join the show, are not privileged to return their tickets, even though they didn’t used it.
  7. Fake/duplicate tickets will not get you into the Festival. Buying from a stranger could risk you not getting into. The Organizer reserve the rights to refuse entering to the performance in case of the duplicated ticked. If a ticket will occur multiple times, only the ticket from the last transfer will be valid for an event entry – all next ticket barcodes will be invalidated.
  8. The Organizer reserve the rights to refuse a ticket holder entry to event for security reasons.
  9. Drunk or intoxicated by any drug people will not be allowed to enter the performance.
  1. On the Festival area there is strictly forbidden to use an open fire, light/fire race, flame throwing devices, or fire causing devices, as well as laser devices.
  2. In case of emergency and evacuation procedures, please follow the securities and Impart’s staff orders.
  3. The play is intended for adult audiences only. People under the age of 18 cannot be allowed to enter the performance.
  4. The participant bears full financial responsibility for any damages and is obligated to compensate any damages caused on the area of Festival Centre IMPART 2016.
  5. All the damages will be reported to the police. The participant is obligated to compensate the damage.
  6. The performance also uses loud music and stroboscopic effects (flashing-light frequency). People sensitive to this type of lighting should take a special care.
  7. The participants are required to switch off the phones, digital watches and other electronic devices emitting sound and light signals.
  8. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the whole Festival zone.
  9. No pets allowed in the Festival zone.
  10. The cloak room is mandatory, people with larger luggage will be asked to leave their belongings in the cloakroom.
  11. The video/audio recording are strictly forbidden without the organizer permission due to the Polish Copyright Terms and Conditions Law (ACT of 4th February 1994 ON COPYRIGHT AND RELATED RIGHTS). People who will be using the forbidden devices may be asked to leave the Festival Centre IMPART 2016 area.